At Mitchell Roofing, we are experienced in roofing jobs big and small – small fixes and repairs around flashing or other elements of a roof, and full roof replacements that are quite a major investment for a household.

Whether you are a landlord trying to maintain your tenant property or a homeowner trying to maintain your first family residence, get help from Mitchell Roofing in the St. Petersburg area to keep your property in excellent, safe and livable condition!

Wind and Storm Damage

Lots of people in the local area call us when they experience wind and storm damage. And there’s quite a lot of that in the St. Petersburg area, not to mention other communities like Port St. Lucie, coastal or gulf FL areas where storms tend to wreak havoc routinely.

We do get storms here, and people assess their properties afterward to make sure that something bad didn’t happen to their roofing and other elements of their homes. That’s a common task, and one that can fill a property owner or head of household with trepidation.

“It was crazy,” said one property owner last year during storm season. “It just came down and tore off part of the shingling – there is that old saying that says ‘tear the roof off,’ like when you play music too loud – but this was literally tearing the roof off!”

Luckily, we were there to help patch everything up and put everything back together, with a commitment to professionalism and customer service that our customers rely on.

Insurance Adjusters

A big part of this process is working with insurance companies.

Insurance companies don’t always have an incentive to fix everything about your roof after it has been damaged in a storm. Instead, they have an incentive to sort of look the other way on some things and try to minimize their repair costs.

We work alongside the insurance adjuster to make sure that everything is covered when you’re done. That’s a value-added service for our customers, who need to be sure that they get the most out of their home insurance when it’s time to fix their property. We know that this is a significant investment in home improvement, and we want to be as helpful as possible.

Obviously, having that relationship with insurance companies is part of what makes our services valuable to our customers. Our GAF certification is also important when you’re working with a roofing company – you want someone who has the best access to materials and the best logistical know-how about how the industry works. Our knowledgeable technicians understand everything from working with roof pitches, to ordering and installing the most modern products to keep your roof in good condition long-term.

Take a look at our accolades and Better Business Bureau rating and more on the website. We want to go to work for you!