Asphalt Shingle Roofing Pinellas


Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular options when it comes to roofing materials, and we can see why! Our family owned and operated business not only offers Owens Corning® asphalt shingles, we
also offer Owens Corning® COOL Roof Collection shingles. That way, your home can reflect your personal style, while also providing energy-saving benefits! These shingles are designed with solar-reflecting granules to decrease the amount of heat that is being transferred into your home from the hot Florida sun, so you’re not wasting energy trying to cool down the inside!
Whether you go with the COOL Roof Collection shingles, Specialty Shingles, Architectural Shingles, or Traditional Shingles, we are confident you will love all the benefits of your new roof! Advantages to choosing Mitchell Roofing Company LLC to install your new Owens Corning® shingles:

Cost Effective Roof

Asphalt shingles are one of the most affordable roofing options on the market! Even with them being on the lower end of the price spectrum, we still guarantee their durability and lifespan.
Generally, you shouldn’t have to replace your roof for 20-30 years!


Being that Owens Corning® shingles are lightweight, your roof most likely already has the structural support for them to be installed! This not only means that we will be able to get the job done
quickly, but you also won’t have the additional cost of support being added!

Durable Roof

This may be the most important point! Asphalt shingles are known for their durability, especially when facing the heat of the Florida sun. Asphalt shingles don’t need the constant upkeep and
maintenance that many other roofing materials demand.

Visually appealing

There are so many different options when choosing between asphalt shingles! You have a wide variety of colors, textures and patterns to choose from. This is just another way Mitchell Roofing
Company LLC can help make your home personal to you!

Regardless of what style, color, or type of shingles you are wanting, we are confident that you’ll be a happy customer when you allow Mitchell Roofing Company LLC to install your new roof! We provide FREE roofing estimates for roof replacement, new construction, and low slope roofing construction. When you want it done right the first time, at an affordable rate, we’re the company for you.