Roof Inspections- What to Expect

Maintaining your roof may not be something that’s ever crossed your mind, but just like everything else, the more it’s maintained, the better it performs. And we think most would agree that it’s extremely important for your roof to always perform at its best. Part of that maintenance is having your roof inspected. Most people probably don’t even think of having their roof inspected until there is a leak, but not only should we view our roof as an asset, but as an asset that’s protecting many of our other assets.

What is a Roof Inspection?

It’s really as simple as it sounds. A roof inspection is an inspection done to determine what the integrity of your roof is if any damage has occurred, and what the remaining life span of your roof is. Roof inspections should be done regularly throughout the year, but you should also consider having one done after a large storm has struck. It’s always possible that your roof has been damaged after a storm, and will need to be inspected so the damage can be caught before turning into a larger, more expensive issue.
When your roof has been damaged from a storm, we will help you follow the necessary steps to file a claim with your insurance company.
While its generally required by the lender to have a roof inspection on a home you’re looking to purchase, it’s also a good idea to have one done on the home you are looking to sell. Having a roof inspection done to guarantee safety and value for interested buyers makes for a great selling point.

What Happens During The Roof Inspection?

Visual Inspection

A visual inspection is done to determine the current state of your roof. During the visual inspection of your roof, you can expect us to…

  • Determine what condition the roof membrane, insulation, and decking are in.
  • Inspect the flashings to determine if they are deteriorating
  • Determine if there are any installation issues
  • Search for any damage that occurred from wind or hail and damage that occurred from the weight of ice/snow

Leak Analysis

This is especially important if there is no history of any roof maintenance. During the leak analysis, you can expect us to…

  • Identify any current leaks
  • Figure out the cause of the leaks
  • Identify any problems that could lead to potential leaks

We proudly offer roof inspection and quotes to our customers so they can have peace of mind and feel confident in any decision they make regarding their roof.