Roofing Materials That Are Fit For Florida Homes

Roofing Materials That Are Fit For Florida Homes

The weather in Florida can be brutal on the roofs of the homes and businesses in the sunshine state.  Withstanding the intense, almost year round, heat from the sun’s rays, as well as the high winds and pouring rain of thunderstorms, Florida roofs must be strong as well as beautiful.  As our roofs are the first line of defense for the structures we inhabit, it stands to reason that they need to be made of high quality materials by highly qualified contractors such as Mitchell Roofing Company.

Materials used in roof construction can differ depending on the style of the structure and its intended use.  However, in Florida, three types of roofing materials remain popular for their adaptability, durability, and cosmetic appeal.  Mitchell Roofing can assist you in choosing one of these three products will ensure that your roof will be sturdy and stylish for many years.

Asphalt shingles have seen upgrades in manufacturing over the years.  Over 70 percent of all single-family housing in the United States use a type of asphalt shingles on their roofs. These shingles are used so widely due to their affordability and range of colors as well as their reputation for efficient structure protection.

Because asphalt shingles come in two types, fiberglass and organic, the range of uses fit almost every price point.  Shingles made from fiberglass are usually lightweight and resist tearing, where organic asphalt shingles are typically heavier and provide greater stability in high winds.

Heavy duty roofing metal is an alternative to shingles that is made to last for years in all types of weather conditions.  Metal has made a resurgence in the eco-friendly and durability sectors of the roofing business, meeting the demands of consumers in both niche and mainstream markets.

Metal roofing has a versatile appearance including traditional vertical seam panels, as well as in patterns that resemble shingles and tiles.  Most commonly made from steel, zinc, and aluminum, these roofing materials offer outstanding durability and curb appeal for any home or business. Mitchell Roofing Company has experience in metal roof installation in areas that experience high winds that may impact the integrity of the roof.

Perhaps considered the roofing material that offers the quintessential Florida home style, is that of tile.  Historically used in Spanish motifs, today’s roofing tile has been modernized with stronger and newer components that increase its capacity to withstand extreme weather.  These tiles can be made of reinforced clay, lightweight concrete, or a mixture of both.  Once glazed with color of choice, these tiles become waterproof pieces of artwork that add a beautiful touch to any home.

For home and business owners in Florida, choosing the best materials for roofing is only one part of the equation when it comes to building a better roof.  Securing trusted and experienced roofing contractors such as Mitchell Roofing Company LLC., is essential in ensuring that the quality of product and construction exceeds all standards.  It is important to trust that the roof over your head to be safe and sound, that trust starts with Mitchell Roofing Company.