Metal roofs definitely contribute to an energy efficient home!

Did you know?

In hurricane prone areas like Saint Petersburg, where high winds and hurricane damage is a concern, metal roofs can be more durable than shingles. Most insurance companies are giving discounts for metal roofs because of their durability. Another consideration is Solar Energy. The higher the Solar Reflectance index or SRI, the greater the ability of the material to reflect the heat generated by solar radiation back into the atmosphere and not into the house. A lighter color shingle roof will also be better than a dark one by increasing the roof’s ability to reflect heat from solar radiation. A metal roof is a great consideration for replacement when considering heat absorption and solar energy. A metal roof radiates the collected heat back into the atmosphere quickly. Increasing the energy efficiency of a home even more by creating a cool roof which keeps the roof and attic much cooler than asphalt or fiberglass shingles. A metal roof is approximately 30% more expensive than a shingle roof, but there are metal roof solutions that rival high-end shingle roofs. The energy savings and potential state and federal tax credits, should give you a fairly fast return on your investment. 

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