Tile Roof Installation in St. Petersburg, FL

Tile Roofs are the quintessential tropical roof style.

What makes them so great?

Wide Variety of Colors: Clay tiles are manufactured with a beautiful array of sun-soaked colors making it easy to coordinate with your existing exterior colors.

Styles: They can match most architectural styles and emulate traditional barrel style or other roofing materials such as wood or slate.

Home Values: Some homes may increase in appraisal value with tile styled roofing opposed to shingle.

Durability: Centuries old tile roofs are still standing today enduring the harsh sun and wind weather we experience here in the sunshine state.

Fire Resistance: Class A fire resistant as a product and a system.

Saint Pete Tile Roofing Installation

With durability beyond compare, along with its energy cost savings and superior protection, tile roofs make an easy choice for Floridians. Reach out to Mitchell Roofing today to discuss enhancing your home with a tile roof, or repairing, maintaining, or replacing your tile roof.