It’s Always Sunny in Florida – Sun and Your Roof

Around the St. Petersburg area, Mitchell Roofing Company, LLC, is a trusted roofing contractor with a track record of supporting local property owners. Our customers rely on us to help them to maintain their properties and avoid some of the bigger problems with long-term maintenance that can compromise the value of a property. 

With that in mind, here are three ways that the intense Florida sun can impact your property and how we evaluate your roof as we serve property owners in the Sunshine State.

Sunlight: Impact on A Roof

Over time, those UV rays can attack your roofing structure and cause various problems. You might not think about it, but excessive sunlight can lead to bleaching on a roof, the same way it can bleach your hair over the years. Another common problem from sunlight involves warped shingles. When we see these kinds of damage, we know what the root cause is. We’ll either provide preventative tips – or fix the damage that’s already happened. 

Impact of Heat

There are also potential problems with the heat that gets absorbed by your roof from sunny Florida days, particularly in the blazing heat of summer. Florida summers are no joke! If you live here, you know this, and at Mitchell Roofing Company LLC, we do too. We are busy during the summer – every year. 

Part of the reason for that is that heat also has effects on a property. Over time, heat can cause the wood decking under the shingles to expand. This can cause various types of dislocation, and even lead to water leaks, and then you have a whole new set of problems. The bottom line is that without vigilant maintenance and inspection, heat can actually compromise a roof and eventually make a property completely uninhabitable because of water damage and mold.

The Potential for Solar

This third impact of the sun’s rays is not a negative. It’s a positive.

Along with routine roof care, Mitchell Roofing Company LLC is outfitted and prepared to provide new solar arrays on customer roof areas. Why not get an energy boost from all of that sun and protect what’s under your solar array at the same time?

For more details, get a consultation from Mitchell Roofing Company LLC. We will assess your property, let you know about any evolving issues, and also fill you in on the potential to reap solar energy. It’s all part of what we do in the St. Petersburg, FL area. Give us a call.