Helping Your Property Weather Florida Storms

While Florida is famously called “The Sunshine State,” it is also known for its wild weather systems, including hurricanes. Hurricane season can pose significant threats to property due to the high winds, soaking rains, and debris impact caused by the storms that can be relentless to the coastal areas of the state. 

Minimize The Damage

The damage that hurricanes inflict on a property may not be entirely avoidable, but it can be minimized with proper planning and action. Beginning planning in advance of hurricane season is the best way to ensure you are not panicking when the threat of dangerous weather becomes imminent; preparation is crucial to minimizing damage to personal health and property. 

High Winds Turn Objects Into Missiles

The intensity of hurricane force winds can wreak havoc on property. Landscaping materials and dislodged objects can become missiles that can break windows, doors, and other structures of your home. According to Mitchell Roofing Company, tree limbs can fall onto roofs, causing extensive damage to structure and water damage to the interior of your home.

Rethink Your Landscaping Materials

Fortunately, there are things you can do now that will help your property weather intense storms when they arise. Consider your landscaping and the objects that you have in your yard that can become projectiles in high winds. Replace rock or gravel landscaping materials with bark or pine straw, which is lighter and less damaging if swept up with the wind.

Trim Your Trees

Have your trees trimmed annually and remove any weak or dead branches that become noticeable over time. These limbs don’t need much force to fall on your property and can cause harm and damage at any point in the year, especially during hurricane season. Pruning your trees will keep them healthy and strong and less likely to give way under the pressures of constant wind and soaking grounds, keeping them firmly rooted and of your home. 

Protect Your Window And Doors

If you do not have storm shutters on your home, assemble plywood and materials necessary to cover your windows in advance of the arrival of the hurricanes. Protecting the glass in your home will keep it protected from projectiles and water damage that follows broken windows and doors.

Make Sure Your Roofing Is Sound

Mitchell Roofing Company suggests that homeowners check roofing materials and shingles and make sure there are no loose, missing, or damaged areas that can, if under the pressure of a storm, compromise the integrity of your roof. Roofs are our homes best defense against severe weather and storm damage, keeping your roof in its best shape will enable it to do its job for you. 

Call The Professionals

If you find your roof is in need of repair or replacement, before or after a storm or weather event, contact Mitchell Roofing Company for experienced roofing that you can trust. Keep your home, property, and most of all your loved ones safe this hurricane season by preparing your property for weathering Florida’s storms.