Riding Out the Storm: How to Prepare Your Home’s Roof for Hurricane Season

In 2020, nine named storms have formed in the Atlantic. Many experts believe that this number could triple by the end of the hurricane season. If you are a homeowner, now is the time to start preparing for the damage that these storms may leave in their wake.

Residential roofs are usually one of the main things damaged by hurricane force winds. Finding ways to minimize the damage these weather events can cause should be one of your main concerns as a homeowner. Preparing your home’s roof for hurricane season is easy when following Mitchell’s Roofing Company’s tips below!

Have Your Gutters and Drains Professionally Cleaned

When hurricanes move on land, they usually bring high winds and lots of rain with them. A functional gutter system helps to remove water from a home’s foundation and roof. Over time, lots of leaves and sticks will start to accumulate in your gutters. If this debris is left in place, your gutters will be unable to perform their job.

The last thing you want is for your gutters to collapse due to the weight of the water and debris in them. Having your gutter system professionally cleaned can help you avoid this type of damage. A roofing contractor can inspect and clean your gutters for a reasonable fee. If any problems are found during this inspection, these contractors can address them before any damage is done.

Professional Roof Inspections are a Great Investment

Some homeowners use the “out of sight, out of mind” philosophy when it comes to the condition of their roof. Waiting until you are confronted with leakage issues to fix problems with your roof can result in a lot of damage. You need to make sure your roof is in pristine condition before a hurricane moves in. This is why hiring roofing professionals to inspect this part of your residence is wise.

During this inspection, a roofing contractor will look at things like your roof membrane and your flashings. Making sure the membrane is free of holes and rips can help you avoid leaks. Trying to perform this inspection on your own is a bad idea. Most homeowners don’t have the knowledge needed to pinpoint and fix roofing issues. This is why paying professionals to do this complex job is your best course of action.

Keep Your Trees Trimmed to Avoid Damage

The strong winds produced by a hurricane can do a lot of damage. In most cases, this damage will be caused by tree limbs. If you have a number of large trees on your property, keeping them trimmed is important. Allowing the limbs of a tree to grow over the roof of your home can lead to significant damage. With the help of a tree trimming professional, removing these hazards from your property will be easy.

We Can Help You Keep Your Roof in Good Shape

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