Why Hire a GAF Certified Roofer?

When it comes to selecting a roofing company to repair an aging roof or replace it with a new one, quality is important.

That’s why it helps a lot to select a roofer with GAF certification. Doing this extra research will help you to get better results and be more confident about the integrity of your roof in the years to come.

What is GAF?

GAF is a business that certifies roofers all around the country.

In generally assessing roofing companies, GAF will look at all kinds of aspects of the work that companies do for customers. GAF may look at the skills and experience of individual workers, and how that impacts workflows and the company’s processes. They may look at how companies get materials onto a site and utilize them to perform roofing work. In general, GAF will look at how these company processes lead to high quality and durable results that will stand the test of time after they’re installed. All of it supports a comprehensive quality process that shows real value at work in the field, for customers.

Master Elite Certification

GAF’s Master Elite certification is not freely given to a lot of roofers nationwide.

The general estimate is that only 3% of roofing companies actually get a Master Elite certification from GAF. That means that if they have this particular certification, they have been assessed as the cream of the crop in terms of modern roofing companies.

The Golden Pledge Warranty

Roofers that can offer evidence of the Master Elite GAF certification to customers can also offer a Golden Pledge warranty.

The Golden Pledge warranty will provide a 25-year warranty on labor and a 50-year warranty on materials. This double protection is extremely important in some cases where customers will need to use the warranty years down the road.

That’s why guarantees from GAF certified roofing companies are not just ‘a nice thing to have.’ The certification actually works toward the value that you as the customer get out of the job. Take time to think about what’s involved in your roofing job and the role that your roof plays in the structural integrity of your home. Is it worth getting this kind of guarantee on roofing work? Generally, the answer is “yes.”

Consider using a GAF certified shop for your next roofing project, to benefit from an investment in proven quality.