Know What To Look For When Inspecting Your Roof

When it comes to your roof, keeping abreast of possible issues may arise is part of any homeowner’s routine. Our homes are only as safe as our roofs, and knowing how to spot potential problems early can mean the difference between a small repair and a roof replacement. As the front line of defense for our home, our roof can fall into disrepair with exposure over time to extreme weather, age, and the elements. Performing a roof check twice a year and after any significant storm will ensure that it can continue to perform its duties of protection.

Broken And Missing Roofing Materials

Begin by observing the exterior of your roof and home. If any shingles or tiles are cracked, damaged, or missing, you will need to make a note of it for further inspection. Sometimes these issues are minor and require only a little attention; other times, it could also damage the roofing around the area. Look for sagging or uneven sections and any rot that may be starting under the eves, each of these issues can signal problems that a roofer should inspect. 

Missing & Damaged Gutters

Gutter systems are critical to removing water off of our roofs and away from our home’s foundations. Gutters can become clogged with debris from trees, which creates a backup of water that can eventually break the gutter or pool in unwanted areas leading to potential water damage. If you notice any of the gutters are in disrepair or missing or that they are not adequately moving water off of your home, you may need further roofing inspection. 

Mold & Fungi Growth

Plants are meant to be rooted in the soil, not on a roof. Damp areas of roofing can lead to molds and fungi’ growth, quickly becoming a problem. Sometimes clogged gutters can grow plants from seeds blown in the wind; these can find their way into the damp cracks and crevices of the roofing and eves. Suppose you see any green growing anywhere on your roof or the parts of your home near your top. In that case, you should have the area cleaned thoroughly and inspected by a professional roofer to determine if any damage to materials has occurred. 

Quality Professional Roofing Services

Mitchell Roofing Company LLC. is happy to perform professional roof inspections and repair as needed to your home or commercial building. We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service and take great care of your home during the fulfillment of our roofing services. Let us know how we can be of service to you and your roofing needs.