Solar Roofing In The Sunshine State

Contributing to global change is a great motivator to switch to solar roofing. Besides the worldwide benefit, you can make a positive difference in your local community and save money on your energy bill. What better time to go solar than when you need a new roof? 

The Sunshine State’s high average of sunny days per year makes installing a solar roof a great decision for Floridians. Working towards energy independence is a great feeling. You can also be happy knowing that Florida’s government incentivizes reducing your carbon footprint. 

In terms of personal savings on energy bills, you’ll jump for joy to know that the roof really pays for itself. A solar roof can produce electricity at lower costs than your utility company. The lower amount of energy you buy from the utility company is savings in your pocket. 

Did you know that Florida is the third-highest producer of carbon dioxide emissions in the country? That’s not good. So how can we make a difference in the sunshine state? Well, one great way is by using solar energy. 

Florida Net Metering

This regulatory policy is important because it allows the homeowner to sell extra solar energy back to the grid. Net metering saves you money, and it also helps the community and environment. The energy you’re creating with your solar roof is clean, and when you’re not able to use it, you’re decreasing the community need for energy produced by the utility company. 

Property Tax Exemption

We expect a rise in property taxes when making changes that increase the value of the home. However, when you choose to a solar roof, your property taxes will not rise. 

Sales Tax Exemption

Thanks to this incentive, you don’t even have to pay sales tax on your solar energy system. Six percent savings on a new roof is nothing to sniff at! 

Federal Solar Tax Credit

This credit means that you can deduct twenty-six percent of the installation cost from your federal taxes. There is no cap on the value which means big savings for you. If you don’t have the tax liability to claim the entirety of the credit in one year, you can claim the remainder in future years. 

At Mitchell Roofing Company, we are certified to install the precision-built, low-profile, sleek solar roof made by GAF Energy. The direct-to-deck solar roof has superior water-shedding qualities, is pleasing to the eye, and is sure to make your neighbors envious. Contact us today to learn more about going solar.