Your home’s roofing is designed to withstand years of wear and tear from rain, wind, heat, and other weather conditions, but it could fall victim to common pests that can pose severe threats to the structure of your roof. Every year, pests result in costly amounts of unexpected roof repairs for homeowners across the country. It’s good to know what pests can cause damage to your home and roof so that you can keep your roof safe and sound.


Probably the most well-known home and roof destroying pests are termites. Termites make a meal out of your home’s structure that can lead to costly and major roof repairs. Since roofs are the first line of defense against water, they quickly accumulate mold, which speeds up wood rot. Termites are drawn to these weakened areas, losing shingles and causing further damage to the roof’s structure.


Squirrels, mice, and rats are known to make their homes in sheds and garages, but they also threaten your roof. These rodents are natural climbers and can chew through wood, shingles, insulation, and any substance that may hold roofing materials in place. Once rodents have made their way into your roof, they can be difficult to remove, building nests in the eves and making a meal of your home.


Speaking of nests, birds love to make their nests in the sheltered areas of your roofing. Birds can make a huge mess on their own with their highly acidic droppings and cause gutters to clog, leading to water displacement and ultimately water damage. Birds should be removed from your roof if you notice them beginning to make nests promote a clean environment for your roof’s longevity.


While we welcome bees as pollinators, they can be destructive summer pests to roofing. Carpenter bees are prolific remodelers, just not in the way that you would want. Carpenter bees are tunnelers, and they can bore their way through your home’s structure, promoting mold, moister, and other damage to your roofing. The bee larvae are also sought after by birds and other pests, which are then co-conspirators to your home’s damage.

Professional Pest Removal And Roof Repair

If pests are allowed to make their homes and meals of your roofing, it can lead to extensive structural damage that could need significant repair. Having these pests removed early and will help you avoid unnecessary damage. If you find that pests have caused damage to your roof, contact a professional roofing company to assess and repair the damage before it creates a more significant problem.