How To Improve Your Home’s Curbside Appeal

Whether you’re selling your house or you’re just tired of staring at a dingy sad exterior, many people might wish their home just looked a little bit better from the outside. Fortunately, there are many ways you can improve an older home’s look (described in the business as “curbside appeal”) without breaking the bank. With just a few simple tricks, you can have your home looking like brand new once again. 

A home with a high curbside appeal isn’t just nice to look at. It also gives visitors to your home a positive first impression as soon as they pull up to your driveway. If you’re looking to give your house a bit of a makeover, here are three tips to improve your home’s curbside appeal.

Give Your House a Power Washing

One of the primary reasons why houses start to look dull and ugly is the collation of debris, grime, and dirt that accumulates around the exterior of a house over time due to exposure to winds and weather. Storms and poor weather can cause all sorts of dirt particles and trash to blow into the walls of your house, leaving nasty residue that stains over time. 

The exterior of your house can also be subject to various birds defecating overtop, since it directly faces nature. Fortunately, cleaning the outside of your house can be done easily through power washing. Power washing involves using a stream of heated high-pressure water to blast away debris and grime from the surface of your home, leaving your house looking just as good as it did when it was built. 

Power washing can also wash away things like mold and mildew, potentially protecting your home from rot and decay that can be incredibly expensive to repair down the line. The benefits of it are, as you can see, numerous!

Fix Up Your Roof

Aside from the external walls of your house, the second most visible part of your house is the roof. Not only are dirty or rotting shingles gross to look at, but they also pose a potential health risk since degraded shingles no longer protect the wooden roof underneath, opening up your roof to the risk of rot and mold. 

Regularly inspecting your roof and replacing your shingles as needed can drastically improve both the longevity and the look of your home. If you want longer-lasting shingles so that you won’t have to replace them so often, you can look into metal shingles. They look incredible, last forever, and are definitely worth the higher upfront cost if you plan to invest in a high-quality home for a long period of time.

Clean or Replace Your Windows

Finally, once you’ve cleaned up the roof and the walls of your home, the last thing to do is buff up the windows. Dirty windows can ruin the look of an otherwise lovely home. Dirt and grime are particularly visible on transparent glass, and windows can also be home to all sorts of nasty molds since they can be wet due to condensation. Leaky windows can actually cost you thousands in additional electricity bills from running heating or air conditioning, since heat can more easily escape or enter. Be sure to look for an energy-efficient label when shopping for new windows. 

By replacing your windows when necessary, you can keep your house looking great and even save some money in the long run. To schedule a quote with our team, or to simply learn more about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Mitchell Roofing Company, LLC, today!