4 Signs You Need a Roof Inspection After a Windstorm

Was there a recent windstorm in your area? If you live in a location where you hardly get windstorms, you may think that it’s not necessary to look for potential roof damages.

The truth is, windstorms can cause all types of roof damages that could be costly. After a storm, you should be certain that your roof is still intact. Let’s read along to learn four signs you should look for to determine if you need a professional roof inspection.

Gutter Problems

You will need new gutters if you have cracks or splits, fallen nails or fasteners, rust, and other gutter issues. You may also discover distinctive water damage or watermarks underneath your gutters. The issues you come across with your gutter should not be overlooked. 

Ignoring your gutter issues may cause rainwater to damage the structure or foundation of your home. The problems you have with your gutters should be properly assessed by a professional roofer. 

Wall Stains

Look for leaks and other signs of indoor roof damage. Does your home have wall-stains? Wall stains are common issues that occur from roof leaks. After a windstorm, you should examine the ceilings as well as the upper corners of the walls in all the rooms in your home. You may discover unsightly stains on the walls or ceilings that could need professional attention.

Missing Shingles

Missing shingles is a common problem that can occur from high winds. High windstorms can also cause you to lose the entire shingles from your roof. Missing shingles also leaves your home vulnerable to other types of weather. If you discover shingles around your home, you should contact a professional roofer to address the problem and make essential repairs.

Fallen Debris

A major windstorm can cause all types of debris to fall on your roof. Fallen debris may also cause the development of cracks in your shingles, which could lead to indoor leakage. A professional roofer can inspect your roof for signs of damage to your shingles and other problems that occurred from debris on your roof. 

Professional Roofers Can Help

Look out for these significant signs to determine if you need help from a professional roofer. Roofing issues that you fail to address can become much worse and could cause you to spend thousands of dollars to restore the problem. 

If you think you have damages to your roof, you can speak directly with us at Mitchell Roofing Company to learn how we can assist you.