Our Friends And Neighbors

In the roofing business, relationships are often very important.

You’re dealing with a big money business, or at least what can potentially be a big money business, with people charging a lot for the average roofing job. There’s also the inaccessibility of the roof area, where a lot of homeowners don’t know what the top of the roof looks like, and have never been up there…

All of that leads to a certain amount of ambiguity and potential for problems. But with the right relationships, people can trust their roofer, and they know that they have a good setup in place to maintain their property for the long term.

What does that look like? When we say that we do jobs for our friends and neighbors, what we mean is that we take pride in going to a job with an inclination to discuss it with the customer and get to know them and their situation. How old is the roof? What does it need? What is the person’s budget like? What are their concerns?

Not all firms get into this part of the business, and they simply provide generic estimates that they pad to make the job exorbitantly expensive. This leads people to kind of waffle around looking for a good alternative. It’s sort of a vicious cycle that’s not good for the customer. It’s just not. At Mitchell Roofing, we aim to do something about that. 

The Proof of Business Positivity

In our case, we have excellent relationships with our customers, and it shows through in the hundreds of five-star reviews we’ve gotten on Google. People can also be pleased to work with a company that is certified for GAF and Owens Corning.

Here’s another part of the equation when it comes to relationships and trust. A whole roof warranty is extremely useful to someone who is concerned about ongoing cost. So we lay this out and explain it to our customers in a way that lets them know what they can do to protect their investment in real estate.

Another aspect of it is that when you’re working with friends and neighbors, you feel like it’s less like work and more like something you enjoy doing.

The other side of that is public involvement, where you give back to your community and people feel good about that, too.

Without this kind of corporate culture, companies tend to get sucked into situations where they’re just getting by and just doing the minimum. It might pay the bills, but it can also breed stress and tension as some of us know quite well. 

So go with a company that does things a better way. And go with a company, Mitchell Roofing, that knows roofing as its primary business with the right investments in tools and know-how!