After The Storm – A Local Partner For Home Protection

There’s always kind of a big collective groan after a major storm comes through. In this case, we were dealing with a lot of water, with some record flood levels in some communities. Although we may have avoided the worst brunt of the storm, we know that there will be another storm after this one, and another one after that.

All of this leads Florida property owners to take drastic measures to protect properties – building storm surge walls and levees, installing things like plantation shutters, and generally safeguarding buildings from the effects of wind and water. Everyone tries, because they see the damage and effects first-hand!

Through it all, at Mitchell Roofing Company LLC, we are there helping locals to protect their investment in Florida real estate with a commitment to excellence and honest work. We feel this makes a big difference, after a storm!

Being There

We know that a lot of companies are what we call “storm chasers” – they come in and want to do work after a particular storm, and then they move on. They don’t have any deeper level knowledge of the community they’re working in, and it tends to show. They may also not have much of an ethic when it comes to standing behind their work – and there’s nothing worse than having a question or concern about past work – and not being able to contact the company that did the work at all!

Here at Mitchell Roofing Company LLC,  we have a commitment to understanding our local residents because we are rooted in the St. Petersburg/Tampa area. We know the lay of the land, and how that impacts everything from property values to storm vulnerabilities.

That’s part of what has led to our 100 5-star reviews that you can see on the website. It’s real people doing real jobs, and showing up and answering the phone when it’s important.

Quality and Experience

Another sign of our commitment to excellence in this field is our certification for GAF and Owens Corning, two of the top manufacturers in our field. We’re also certified for roofing and solar projects.

So after the big storm, when it’s time to find a professional partner for property work, call us and ask about what we can do for you. You’ll get the profound sense of confidence that comes with working with a local company that knows its business and has the resources to assist you in keeping your property in good condition.