Commonly Overlooked Signs of Residential Roof Damage

If you are like most homeowners, you take great pride in keeping your property in pristine shape. A new roof is a great way to make your home look more appealing. As time goes by, a new roof will start to age and will show signs of wear. There are many warning signs that can indicate a roof is in need of repair

In the past year, the amount of money spent on things like roofing repair issues has increased by roughly three percent. Catching roof repair issues early on can reduce the amount of damage they do. While some roof repair warning signs are obvious, some can be hard to spot. Below are some commonly overlooked signs of residential roof damage.  

Hissing or Whistling Noises Throughout Your Home

Most people like to keep the inside of their homes quiet and peaceful. Encountering strange sounds in a normally quiet home can be a confusing and frustrating experience. If you start to notice loud hissing or whistling noises in your home when the door and windows are closed, you need to check the condition of your roof. Generally, these noises indicate the presence of a significant draft. 

If air is leaking in through your roof, you need to figure out why. Ignoring this problem will lead to energy waste issues. These roof drafts can also make the inside of your home extremely uncomfortable during the winter or summer months. By contacting the team at Mitchell Roofing Company, you can pinpoint the source of your roofing problem and get it fixed in a hurry.  

Nails or Shingle Particles in Your Gutters

Routinely inspecting your gutters is a great way to discover drainage and roofing problems early on. During your gutter inspection, you need to look for nails and shingle particles. If you start to notice these materials in your gutters, you have roofing problems that need to be addressed. When shingle particles start to pile up in your gutters, this is a sign that they are wearing out and might need to be replaced. 

Leaving these damaged shingles in place is a recipe for disaster. In most cases, damaged shingles will allow water to leak into your home. This is why allowing the team at Mitchell Roofing Company to replace your damaged shingles is a good idea. 

Dark Spots on Your Roof

Are you noticing dark spots on your roof? If so, you might be dealing with small leaks. These leaks can cause mold and water damage, which is why taking action after discovering these dark spots is so important. In most cases, you will need to schedule a professional roof inspection to discover these spots. If professionals discover these spots, they can provide you with some guidance on how to properly fix them. With this professional assistance, you can keep your roof functional and inside of your home dry. 

Have you noticed one or more of the problems mentioned in this article? If so, Mitchell Roofing Company is here to help you address these roofing repair issues.